We are so excited to announce not one but two film festival acceptance for The Good Samaritan. On Feb 23rd we will screen at the Siouxland Film Festival in Sioux City, Iowa and March 6th-10th we will be screening at The Omaha Film Festival in Omaha NE. Please come out and see the film if you live in the areas or let anyone you know that lives in or around Sioux City or Omaha to please come and support the film.

Siouxland has already posted up information of screening time and place on their website:http://siouxlandfilmfestival.org/  Omaha will be posting film details by Feb. 10th on their website:http://www.omahafilmfestival.org/index.html . If you can’t tell we are super excited and so honored and appreciative to be included in these festivals.