Each Thursday, we’re going to take you behind the scenes on the making of The Conway Curve. We’ll share what’s happening on the film, where it is in the process, and share some great images from the set once the film is in production.

If you’re anything like me, I bet you’re wondering: so, you have a script and … then what happens? How does it go from being on the page to the point where it’s actually being made?

This part of the project is known as pre-production, and it involves, well, everything short of shooting. You know that phrase how the sausage is made? Pre-production is prime sausage making time.

I had a second to chat with the film’s writer/director, Marian Yeager, about what’s going on right now…

So, Marian, what does this stage of pre-production look like for the director?

It’s a very busy time! This is where you start to organize your thoughts on how you want the film to look and feel, but also on how you’re going to do that. What are the logistics of that? Sometimes you decide on one thing, but because of lack of money or because of difficulty you decide to scrap it and go in another direction. It’s the time to play around, to look at different styles to find your direction – and what the film is really calling for, too. It’s more organic that way.

What are the next things on your to-do-list?

Map out the color palette for the film, lock into all of Natalie’s iconic emotional moments of the film, and complete one last rewrite.

As you can guess, Marian and Elizabeth are very busy people right now! I will have more to share next week. Stay tuned!

Roanna Flowers is a writer based in Austin, Texas. You can see more of her work at www.roannaflowers.com.