The last few weeks have been very exciting for TGS and maybe just a tad overwhelming. So much so that I’m just now sitting down to tell you all the good news. But before going into all that I’d like to take a minute and thank Dan and Laura for putting on a wonderful festival in New Orleans. Elizabeth and I had a great time. Not only was the screening a success for us (We won our first award for TGS – Best Director, which is truly an honor) but TGS brought the noisy bar to silences – not so easy in New Orleans. We also met so many talented filmmakers and saw some amazing films. We wish them great success with their films present and future.

Okay, so I started this blog with a bit of a teaser, sorry about that, but back on track – the last few weeks have been very active on the news side of things. Right before heading for New Orleans we received word that TGS was accepted into The Hill Country Film Festival ( Then while in New Orleans we were accepted into Myrtle Beach International Film Festival ( Then earlier this week we learned that TGS also will be screening at the Tupelo Film Festival ( With all of these wonderful announcements and so much love being shown to our little film we couldn’t have asked for anything more. But there was one more to come. We are very happy to announce that TGS was selected to participate at this year’s Cannes Short Market during the 66th Cannes Film Festival. We are over the moon with excitement for TGS and are very busy getting our press packages together, poster and postcards printed and travel arrangements done. I don’t think I’ve travel this much in one months…ever.

Hopefully, in the next few days, we’ll get an official festival schedule up on TGS project page. But until then here is our current schedule:

April 24th – 28th Myrtle Beach International Film Festival (TGS screens @ 8pm Friday Apr 26th @ Carmike Cinema Broadway at the Beach)

May 2nd – 5th Hill Country Film Festival (TGS screens @ 10am Sat. May 4th in Block 8|Shorts @ Steve W. Shepherd Theater)

May 15th – 19th Tupelo Film Festival (TGS screens TBA)

May 17th – 26th Cannes Short Market (@ Cannes Court Metrage)