Hey Guys,

You may have heard from our Facebook Page we finally have locked down distribution for Conway. We are super stoked about it. In case you need a definitive list here’s the quick run down of our theater run, Tugg screenings, VOD and DVD release and all things Conway:

Los Angeles Red Carpet Event / Week Long Run:

On July 28th, the official premiere with a red carpet kicks off a week long theater run in Los Angeles, CA at Arena Cinelounge Sunset (6464 Sunset Blvd.) You can get your ticket(s) to one of the multiple showings here.

(Because of limited space the red carpet event is a private event. If you would like to come please email us and we can let you know if we have an open seat available.)

Tugg Screenings:

1st Tugg Screening is coming to Midland, Texas
On August 10th, Conway begins it’s Tugg screenings in Marian and Elizabeth’s hometown of Midland, Texas. This screening is really a BIG deal to Marian. Midland is where it all began, her dream was born here. If you are from the area be sure to grab your ticket(s) here before August 1st deadline.

NOTE: Tickets can ONLY be bought through the link provided and as of this posting we must sale 51 more tickets for the show to make. Grab your ticket(s) today.

Then there is Austin’s Tugg Screening
On August 17th, we will return to Austin for a Tugg showing at the Alamo Drafthouse Slaughter Lane. We just love the Alamo and especially this one so close to the house. Be sure to grab your ticket(s) here before August 10th.

AGAIN NOTE: Tickets can ONLY be bought through the link provided and as of this posting we must sale 59 more tickets for the show to make. Grab your ticket(s) today.

In the works Tugg Screenings:

We are busy planning two more screenings for Houston and Dallas/Ft. Worth. As well as helping at least one promoter schedule their screening. Speaking of which…

You can become a Promoter and bring Conway to your town:

If you are interested you can host your very own screening of Conway. Just head over to Tugg for more info. And if the screening makes you can make a little coin. Cha-Ching!


Video on Demand Release: Coming Soon.

DVD Release

DVDs will be self distributed. Reserve a copy by emailing us and once they come off the presses we’ll send you a link for purchase.

Film Festival Screening:

Film Festival alert!

Another awesome announcement Conway is an Official Selection at the SAFILM San Antonio film festival. The festival runs from August 1-6. Conway’s screening is August 2nd at 9pm. Below is the schedule and where you can get tickets.

San Antonio Film Festival Tickets Link.

Schedule: http://safilm.com/schedule-pdf/


We’re on Fandango!

Check it out…we are actually on Fandango. After you’ve seen Conway please go give us a review.

And there you have it. Sorry for the overload but things here just all started to happen and we don’t want you to miss a chance to see this little film.

We will keep you updated on any farther news.