With inspiration, you never know when it might raise it’s beautiful head. I find most times my inspiration comes when I’m on a long drive or taking a shower. My mind wanders and without warning there’s this little nugget of an idea. This happens to me 90% of the time but then there is that 10%. The inspiration for our new feature The Conway Curve came out of a simple question. I was on set shooting The Good Samaritan or maybe it was during one of our stunt rehearsals a few weeks before shooting. Anyway, I was working with Natalie Durkin, the actress playing the 2nd mugged woman. We were working on what I wanted her reaction to be once Nick snatched her purse. She asked a very simple question, a question that makes perfect sense and especially coming from Natalie, our resident martial arts expert. She asked “Why don’t I just chase after him?” My answer at the time after maybe a 2 second ponder was, “You’re in shock. Completely surprised then Alice appears and instructs you to stay put. So you do.” And it worked perfectly for the film. It makes sense within that moment. But later Natalie had followed that thought with her own reaction. “If it happened to me I would have totally chased after him and kick some butt.” And she’s right. She totally would have. But it was at this moment my brain started to mull it over. What would prevent someone from chasing after their belongs? Especially if those belongings were the most precious items to them? And that my friends is where The Conway Curve was born from. And how the lead character Natalie received her namesake. All from a little nugget of why.