Hello all,

Hope you’re having a wonderful Monday morning. I wanted to share some good news. As of this weekeend The Good Samaritan is complete. We finished up the color correction last weekend up in Dallas and throughout last week I made the final tweets on the project and made our first DVD. Though the process of getting the DVD burned was a pain and I spent quite a bit of time at the local Apple store. But with the help of the internet, the Apple Genunis and building a whole new DVD three different times The Good Samaritan has been burned to DVD and viewed on a large screen TV. It’s spectaculate!

Now that post is wrapped up we are moving into full sales mode. Throughout this week we’ll send out DVDs to film festivals and film markets and launch our Facebook Fan Page. The planning contiues on the cast and crew screening. Looks like it will happen in the middle of April. We will have DVDs for the cast and crew at the screening. The screening will be open to the public, everyone is welcome to come. We will have DVDs available for purchase as well. After the screening DVDs will be available on our website.

It’s getting exciting around here. Keep checking back and like us on Facebook when the page goes up. Until then have a great week.