Jason Newman and Crew of The Good Samaritan

Jason Newman and Crew of The Good Samaritan

Hello All,

I hope that the beginning of the year is treating everyone well. I thought it might be about time to send out another update on the progress of The Good Samaritan. So here we go.

Just this week our Composer, the wonderfully talented Brian Satterwhite, completed the score for the film. It is absolutely beautiful, it helps set the tone of the film perfectly and bring insight to the characters and story. I am very pleased with it. As each piece has come together on our little film it has been building towards becoming a full fledge movie and when the music went in, for me it did exactly as I’d hoped. It brought everything together and made it one cohesive piece. I’m proud to call this my film.

Now, our Sound Mixer, Gopal, is adding the finishing touches on the sound mix and mixing in the music so very soon we will have all the audio aspects complete. Yea!

Then we move into the final steps  of color correction and finalizing the titles and end credits and then we will be done with Post Production. I look forward to that day but I will miss it as well.

If all goes according to schedule we will just make our first film festival deadline and then a whole new adventure begins.