Hey Everyone,

Just  a quick update on The Good Samaritan and to announce we have a teaser trailer for you’re viewing.

The film is almost complete. We are on our final step of post production – color correction. It’s very exciting. As soon as we wrap up post then on to distribution. We’ve got a list of festival we are submitting to and are prepping for that stage. There is also our cast and crew screening and party that is in the planning stage. Fingers crossed that will be happening at the end of March beginning of April. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again and showing off what we created together. That is always so satisifying and rewarding to experience the cast and crews reaction.

On other news, we have our first video of the film. It is a short 30 second teaser trailer. You can find on it on our home page on our website  www.my-productions.com. Check it out. Leave a comment on our blog of what you thought.

As always I look forward to bringing you more updates, videos, and photos from our current project The Good Samaritan. Please check back often.