You’ve probably noticed in the last few weeks I’ve kept mentioning working towards a new project. Getting one or two steps closer. Well, today I am ecstatic to announce that we’re making our very first feature film, The Conway Curve. It is a quirky comedy caper inspired by our last short film The Good Samaritan and a conversation I had with Natalie Durkin about her character’s non active reaction to being mugged. Now after two years of serious work on the script we are finally out raising money and making this baby happen. Today, we are announcing to the world, friends, family, and strangers that we’re in it to win it. We’ve launched a brand new website for the film, which you can find here There’s not much there yet, but what is is enough to learn a little more about the project. If you haven’t seen The Good Samaritan it is available to watch for free on the site. And there are many ways for you to stay in the loop of all our goings on as we move down this new path. You can sign up for our newsletter, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and soon on Facebook. We are so excited to be on this adventure and hope that you will join in on the fun. Viva La Conway Curve!