We made it through production. 24 days, 12 hour days, 6 day weeks. It was such fun and the BEST kind of hard work that I was sorry for it to end. I thought I’d be exhausted working such long hours but somehow I got enough sleep. Everyday, I was so excited to go to work that it never occurred to me I was tired. I think it helped that everyone, cast and crew, really wanted to be there and were so enthusiastic. There was such a loving vibe, which made set a safe place to create. All my nerves and self-doubt evaporated the moment I stepped on set. My actors are incredibly talented and didn’t bring any kind of ego with them. They were there to do their best and were open and willing to try anything. We had a lot of fun playing with the scenes. I loved working with Philip Roy, my DP. He was my 2nd half. We worked so well together and I feel like we really complemented each other. I miss our little powwow wrap up meetings we had at the end of each night. It was a little check in time between us that made sure we were both happy with our day and gear us up for the next. I think Veronica said it best: “this was the best time of my life!” It really was. Such a truer statement couldn’t be uttered. And one of the best things, as we move into the next stage of postproduction, is the film reflects how special the experience was. It’s in every frame. Our editor has been working since the first week of production and if you can believe it we are currently on our 4th cut. The film is so full of heart. It won’t be long before editing will be complete and our Composer and Sound Mixer take over. I can’t wait for this next stage to begin. Music really brings everything together.

– Marian