A word from our director:

So, the other day I had my first Director / DP (director of photographer) meeting. A few things were rather new to me. First, we aren’t in the same city so we did Skype. What an unusual thing Skype? And for one that does not like to be in front of a camera – it took a bit of time just to get over that. Second, I’ve worked with several DPs and they have all been very different, talented but different. With this DP, there’s a real sense he is invested and he communicates well. It felt more like we’re in this together and are a team. He’s got my back which I’ve never quite felt with any of my other DPs. Thirdly, I received a few assignments which to me is so exciting and a fun new way to work. It gives me deadlines which I love. (NOTE: Which have been unfortunately missed due to Producer duties getting in the way.) But the down side was I got that pesky negative nell voice in my head a few times – you know that one. The one that tells you “you have no idea what you’re doing.” “so and so thinks you’re stupid or knows you’re stupid.” Or the one I was getting that day “you don’t know what he’s talking about and you should. You should know everything because you wrote this script. You’re going to screw this up and look like a fool doing it.” Okay, so my negative inner voice can be rather mean. But guess what, I don’t know everything. No one does. And this DP is here to help me and I will learn so much working with him. Because you know what – this is my first feature film and though I’ve made several short films we are dealing with a whole new beast here and learning is a huge part of making films. Even when you’re a master of it. I heard Steven Spielberg say once, “I always learn something new on every film I make. If I didn’t that’s when it’s time to throw in the towel. Learning makes you grow and when you grow your films get better.” So, to all of you with that same negative nell voice, I say we should all tell it to “Suck it!” [Psych reference for anyone who’s not a psych-o (that is what a fan of Psych the USA TV show is called)]. Don’t let that voice stop you or even make you feel bad. Because I’ll tell you something you can do anything you set your mind to. That voice is fear and if you’re scared then you’re moving in the right direction. Fear is a sign you really care about the thing you’re trying to accomplish. Don’t allow it to stop you. Cause it sure as hell isn’t going to stop me. Wish it would figure that out and take a hike.